IL Posto Restaurant - Retail T.I. | Rolling Hills, California
This sophisticated yet modern restaurant provides an elegant backdrop for the fine dinning experience of this acclaimed Italian restaurant. The restaurant occupies 8,500 square feet of fine dinning, bar and kitchen area with an additional 1,000 square feet of patio terrace overlooking courtyards and water features. The exterior architecture mimics the grandeur of a Roman temple, thus transporting its’ patrons back in time. The dinning area is set with spectacular views of the restaurants five-star kitchen and its’ chefs. The interior motif uses a splendid combination of cherry woods, stainless steel, natural colors and fabrics to enhance the formal Italian architecture and add warmth. The trellis covered patio terrace shares in the same warmth of the interior while allowing the patrons to enjoy the outside dinning experience. In the end, the architecture and culinary passions of IL Posto complement each other for this fine dinning experience.

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