Donson Residence | Torrance, California (Hillside Overlay)
This 5,400 square foot home is situated in the Hollywood Riviera overlooking the Pacific Ocean and has views of the Palos Verdes Penisula, Catalina Island and Malibu. The home's original layout was compartmentalized with many different types of spaces, for both family and private life. The new design removed interior walls and ceilings to expose larger more fluid open spaces. From the original 8'-2" high ceiling height, the deconstruction allowed the design to provide much more open spaces with 9'-0" ceiling heights in the kitchen and new entry. Additionally, with the same deconstruction and structural improvements, a 11'-0" vaulted celing with exposed beams was achieved throughout the main living room. The opening up of these main living spaces to one another along with a structural realignmnet of view windows significantly enhanced the natural views and overall character of the home.

Traditional detailing is provided throughout. For the exterior, white trim accents with board and batten gabled ends contrast a grey shingled siding and a stone base. The roof is a black shingle tile that compliments the overall color scheme. Additional details include gutters with copper rain chains and splash blocks. The stone walkway provides guests a direct path from the new driveway or a less formal meandering path through the front yard garden. The interior of the home is appointed with mid tone cherry wood floors and darker cherry cabinetry. Low book cases in satin white provide a contrast to the darker finishes and a surround for the basement staircase. Additional white compliments include the white painted tounge and groove ceilings with exposed beams. Large custom casings are used to adorn the larger windows and provide a richer sense of scale throughout the space.

The private areas are completely renovated. The family bedrooms and bathrooms have been reorganized with a more friendly floor plan and new modern amenities which include walk in closets for the bedrooms and larger bathrooms. On the lower level, the walk out basement has access to the home's swimming pool. This lower level encompasses the family entertainment areas including a home theater. Everything considered, this home is designed to accommodate modern family life.

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